Distances Raced

261, 450, 640, 828 metres.

Track Circumference
378 metres.

Run to First Bend
93 metres (450m)
84 metres (640m)

Track Records
261m: Jimmy Lollie – 15.38 sec – 09.07.2010
450m: Blonde Snapper – 26.59 sec – 14.07.2011
640m: Autumn Tiger – 38.97 sec – 22.10.1995
640m (H) Bright Side – 39.55 sec – 10.09.2009
828m: She’s The Deal – 51.81 sec – 24.01.2006

Hare Type
Outside McGee

Major Open Events
UK Festival of Racing

Regular open races


Owning a greyhound can cost a lot less than you think. Each time your dog runs, it earns an amount of money which can be used to support its training fees. If a greyhound runs four times in a month and it wins once, your monthly kennel bills would be just about covered! All owners are entitled to free admission to the stadium on the night that your dog is running.

The stadium has a number of trainers attached to it.

If you would like to get involved with owning a greyhound that could run at Sunderland, please contact any of the following trainers.

Yvonne Bell – 01388 815113
Malcolm Taylor – 07751 477987
Shirley Linley – 01609 776788
Patrick Derwin – 07737 525147
Jeanette McNicholas – 07740 643519
Wendy Miller – 01388 722219
Paul Miller – 07957 200979
Ronnie Paterson – 07950 528910
Jackie Teal – 01653 600198
Kelly Macari – 07900 920459
Ann Lagan – 07877 992483
Jill Sutherst – 07857 616875
Graham Strike – 07414 947708
Martin Murray – 07880 791439


Betting at Sunderland dogs couldn’t be simpler. We host a Tote Betting Service, so the odds are calculated using the amount staked on each Greyhound.

Here are a few of the bets you can place..

WIN – Select the Greyhound you think will win the race. Min Stake £1
Select the Greyhound that you think will finish 1st or 2nd. Min Stake £1
Select two Greyhounds to finish 1st and 2nd in the correct order. Min Stake 50p
Select two Greyhounds to finish 1st and 2nd in any order. Min Stake two bets @ 50p – £1
TRIO Select three Greyhounds to finish 1st, 2nd & 3rd in the correct order. Min Stake 50p
TRIO ALL WAYS Select three Greyhounds to finish 1st, 2nd & 3rd in any order. Min Stake six bets @ 50p – £3
JACKPOT MIN PRIZE POOL £1000 Pick a Greyhound in each race for six selected races. Min Stake £1


Racing every Friday & Saturday. Doors open at 6.20pm, (first race approx. 7.30pm, last race approx. 10.30pm).

Wednesdays: Doors open at 6pm (first race approx. 6.38pm, last race approx. 9.15pm – subject to racing calendar).

We have a 150 seater restaurant, 180 seater function room and 6 Executive Boxes.

We have a large car park at the front of the stadium which is free to patrons.

Free admission is available for children aged 17 and under.

There is disabled access to all parts of the stadium except for the Executive Boxes.

Contact our racing office or one of our attached trainers.

Yes, however no glasses or bottles are to be taken outside. Plastic glasses can be obtained from any bar.

Our dress code is smart/casual (NO football tops or tracksuits)